Dragon Slayer FPS

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How To Play: Dragon Slayer FPS

Using Mouse

About Dragon Slayer FPS

Dragon Slayer is a fast-paced, single-player action shooter where you take on the role of a legendary hero as he battles through a mythical dungeon to save the princess and defeat the dragon that’s threatens to destroy the kingdom. Your goal is simple; slay the dragon, and all will be well in this small kingdom. You have a weapon called The Dragonslayer – a holy sword forged from the very essence of thunder itself. It can kill dragons with one strike, but only if you’re able to fight with it effectively. In this game, you control either Arthurian legend Lancelot or his loyal Dragon Slayer assistant Gareth by tilting your device to move and shoot with one finger. Both characters are based on real people in history who were able to slay dragons (and sometimes did so by accident). Be they knighted warriors or peasants, every legend has its fair share of enemies when it comes to

In the year of our lord 2018, the most epic and deadliest creatures in video game history (and beyond) begin to appear. The dragons have come to Earth. Humanity is at war with them. Your task - as a human warrior - is to destroy the dragons and save the world! This is a third-person action game set in an open world environment. You play as either a human or a dragon slayer, depending on your multiplayer skill level. Varying difficulty levels, quick time events (QTEs), and loot systems add more depth to an already rewarding experience. A fresh look at a genre classic: Dragon Slayer was developed from scratch using modern technology, including Unreal Engine 4, WebGL 2, and physics. The result? A fresh new take on an ancient genre that's still as fun now as it was when it first released 25 years

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