Pigeons Pigeons

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How To Play: Pigeons Pigeons

Using Mouse

About Pigeons Pigeons

You have been hired to take out a pigeon point-blank. This means that you will be using a gun to put the bird down on impact, not just for kicks, but also to demonstrate your accuracy and precision. You can choose from a variety of different weapons; both explosive and non-lethal. How you implement these will set you apart from your competitors, as will how much protection you offer the

If you enjoyed the first installment in this trilogy, then you will LOVE this third and final chapter. Pigeon is back and better than ever! Shoot them from the sky with your trusty shotgun or just dive headlong into a ?Penguin War? to save the world from being taken over by penguins?or just make lots of quick and easy money. The choice is

You are a pigeon who is supposed to be eating but instead you are being shot at by other pigeons. Use the arrow keys to control your flight and fire. Make sure that the pigeons, game, pixels, birds, shooting, shooting game, pigeon, pigeon shoot game –