Smash Karts

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How To Play: Smash Karts

Using Mouse

About Smash Karts

What if you could reach for the stars and shoot down karting adversaries with a well-aimed projectile? What if you could drive multiple objects at once, using a combination of physics and your skills as a driver? What if there was a way to combine these elements into a single exhilarating game experience? Smash Kart is that game. It's an arcade racer in which players use nothing more than a pair of karts to smash their way through obstacles and other drivers. With its simple art style and fast-paced gameplay, Smash Kart is easy to play yet challenging enough to keep you coming back for

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This is a 3D online game where you and your friends become the top of the hill, by driving karts, with different power-ups. You can drive it in Arcade mode or online in battle mode. In battle, the level of difficulty increases as more players join the game. Smash Karts is fun for adults and kids alike, so come play with