Zombie Virus FPS

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How To Play: Zombie Virus FPS

Using Mouse

About Zombie Virus FPS

A Zombie virus is a type of Virus that can infect your computer and turn it into a zombie. If the Virus spreads to your computer, your computer will make lots of zombies. You can see the zombies when playing games or watching videos because the computer makes them. If you are infected with a Zombie virus, you will do things like: Make fake posts on social media Make videos and Posts on social media that look like real people Make videos and Posts on other websites that look like other websites Make sure everyone knows that you are infected by posting links to your Infected Computer Stalk people who have been on the internet together Avoid places where you may be contagious such as bars and nightclubs unless you know everyone there Attack people who have been online at the same time as you before they know they are infected Cooperate with others who have also been infected to stop spreading the Virus Don’t be a nuisance when spreading the Virus Do anything to attract attention so other people will join in dragging you into their group and start using your Computer too Don’t let any one get away with anything if they don’t agree to join in The most important thing is to get help fast because normal social interactions might not be possible after being hit by a Zombie virus

A zombie virus was released into the world. Get ready to fight against these bloodthirsty undead! Shoot them as they come at you or use a variety of different weapons to cleanse the world of disease and death. You can play as one, multiple or any combination of both genders. If you’re smart and know your way around a virtual gun, then this is the game for you. A non-linear shooter with zombies, lots of guns and

This is a webGL FPS with multiple game modes and nail biting shooter gameplay. You will experience an intense and realistic zombie apocalypse like never before in either single or multiplayer. Survive the night, scavenge for supplies and weapons, and fight your way out of the Zombie